Scott Bartlett – Bio

MISSION: Rock and Roll for Hearts is part of Athletes for Hearts, Inc., a 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting cardiac health. We will be funding childhood cardiac research as well as providing financial assistance to families struggling to care for a child with a cardiac condition. We believe that together, we will make a difference for many.

Born Scott Alexander Bartlett, I grew up in Baltimore, MD and attended Gilman school for twelve years. I was accomplished in music, theater, football, weight/power lifting and won the faculty and music award at my school.

Musician Scott Bartlett of Saving Abel performs during the 2011 Rock On The Range festival at Crew Stadium on May 22, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/WireImage)

I relocated to Memphis in 96′ for the purpose of attending Rhodes College. In 2000, I graduated with a major in classical guitar performance and composition and a minor in business administration. I performed with various bands throughout my educational pursuit. Upon graduation, I decided to pursue music as my full time career.

As is standard in the music industry, I became diversified. I ended up playing in multiple bands, teaching guitar and performing as a studio artist. During those years, I went through a series of indie record deals. About six years in to my professional growth I found myself signing a speculative agreement with a band who ended up calling themselves “Saving Abel”. We were fortunate to have renowned engineer and producer, Skidd Mills, working with our newly formed band.

We soon signed with Virgin/Capital/EMI and began touring as our hit single “Addicted” went number one on multiple charts. Thanks to the support of our fans, we have gone on to many exciting years of touring with other hit singles such as “18 days” “Drowning Face Down” and “Sex is Good” while producing five additional albums.

We have toured the world and seen ups and downs in the process. The band has weathered lineup changes and overcome adversity multiple times over the years. All of these transitions have led me into other business ventures.

I suffered a near fatal heart episode at the end of 16’. There was a growth on my heart and it came very close to killing me. The forced break gave me the chance to pause, regroup and think a lot about my goals and objectives.

Moving forward, with this new lease on life, I am committed to spreading a message of hope instead of desperation. It’s been a goal of mine, since my heart failed, to help children with heart issues. I am so glad to be a spokesperson and board member for a great organization that has supported hundreds of families with children having heart conditions. Through my music and events, I want to help hundreds more.

I wear many hats and I learn as I go. I rarely follow protocols and standards. My moral compass is in check and I love living life and meeting new people.

First and foremost I am a musician. I write and record solo music. I have a clothing/merchandise line. I stay busy… I have been gifted with the opportunity to do good with my life and that is exactly what I will do! I will share my story, I will encourage each of you to stay informed – stay healthy – and join me by supporting these endeavors.

Together, let’s spread a message of hope and do some good for the world. Music does heal. I have seen it first hand. We are always stronger together so I thank you for all the love and support…now, let’s do this!!